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Veronica’s boyfriend is coming over to study. However, she isn’t home yet. Her step mom, Lolly Dames welcomes him but as they wait she decides to check something out for herself. Her step daughter had told her that her boyfriend had a big dick. She took it upon herself to make sure she was telling the truth. Lolly gets his cock out and is measured that her daughter wasn’t lying. Yet she chose to take things further. She quickly shoved his cock in her mouth and went to work. Eventually, Veronica arrived home to be shocked by what she witnessed, her step mom blowing her boyfriend. However, a huge grin embraced her face the moment that her step mom asked her to join in the action. So the step mother and daughter duo went to town on Veronica’s boyfriend’s cock. From there, they each took turns getting fucked by him in several different positions before it was time to bust a huge load all over their faces.

Date: February 8, 2023